"Our waiter Johnny was the best. We enjoyed dinner on Saturday. He was so helpful we loved having him as a waiter can’t wait to go back" -Anna A.

"Food is phenomenal. Crunchy munchie roll is a must when you go! All the servers are very attentive. Great overall experience" - Anonymous

"Fantastic service and food. Wait staff knowledgeable and accommodating. The Sushi is the best in the area and the rest of the menu is outstanding. Great drinks from Ryan behind the bar." - S.K.

"The Crunchie Munchie sushi is to die for! The service and food is excellent, a great little spot in Providence!" - Jules 

"It was my wife's bday and she wanted a nice dinner out. Due to Covid, we hadn't been out in a while. The service was impeccable, the energy of the atmosphere was great and we had the greatest waiter." - Roger D.

"Always, and I mean ALWAYS, an exceptional experience!" - Adam C.

"Fantastic sushi plates from Nino, superb service from every staff member. We will be back." - S.K.

"Ten is just literally the best restaurant in Providence. Everything down to the jelly fish in the tanks are just perfect. The service is truly amazing the waiters KNOW what they are doing and talking about it’s impeccable service! I have many years coming to this restaurant and I can honestly say I have never ever had a bad experience here I will continue to make Ten my to go for our weekly dinner dates Johnny you are the GOAT" - Anonymous

"I can't begin to explain how happy I am with this place! This is one of my favorite restaurants and I got to celebrate my 21st birthday here last night! The staff are really sweet and outgoing and the chefs do an amazing job! Turning 21 during this pandemic sucks but you guys really out did yourselves and made my night special! Thank you!" - Keeley C.


"Had the privilege of making a reservation here and visiting this past weekend with my girlfriend.  All I can say is what an absolutely wonderful dining experience. Even in these wild times we're living, our experience at Ten Prime could not have been more exceptional.  We were warmly greeted at the door and shown to our table.  The aesthetic and decor was classy but not so fancy that you felt out of place.  Nothing ostentatious but extremely clean and well kept.  Due to occupancy limits, restaurants aren't serving at full capacity right now in Rhode Island, but these guys make it fun by having cardboard cutouts of famous celebrities occupying the empty booths.  We dined next to Snoop Dogg, Martha Stewart, and Meryl Streep.  They were very friendly ;) - Anonymous


Everything was really kicked up a notch, however, when our server, Johnny, approached our table.  He was, without a doubt, the most amazing server either of us have ever had.  He was attentive but not overbearing.  Quick, but not too quick that we ever felt rushed.  And, most importantly, he was incredibly kind and courteous.  He made us feel right at home.  And he clearly has a passion for what he does.  When I ordered a regular Old Fashioned, he suggested I try the Smoke Show for a more unique experience.  It was fantastic.  Amazing drink presentation but, more importantly, tasted wonderful as well.  When we ordered a couple sushi rolls, he steered us away from the regular Spicy Ahi Tuna and instead suggested a surprise roll which looked to be an amalgam of all different types of sushi and seafood.  Absolutely delicious.  - Anonymous



The food was delicious, and the drinks were expertly made.  But you can get good food and drink anywhere.  What really made our experience special was Johnny and his attention to making our time there memorable.  - Anonymous


Good service is relatively common. But service that leaves a lasting impression is far rarer and instantly recognizable.  We raved about Johnny's service for the rest of our night.  When we do go back, we'll be sure to request whatever table he's working.  - Anonymous


Thank you to Johnny, and the entire staff at Ten Prime for making a lasting impact.  It's great to see that local restaurants are starting to thrive again in such difficult times!" - C.H.

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